Confessions of a music loving runner...

I am a girl in love. Deeply and powerfully in love. My ears have been rocked (literally) by my new headphones, and like anyone with a new lover, I want to tell the whole world about the object of my affection.

Let me start with what I've tried in the past... and why they couldn't hold my love.

Like most iPod users, I started with the basic earbuds... only to discover that my ears are entirely too small for them. I pushed. I twisted. I shoved. I cried. Nothing worked. I felt defective... unable to share in the earbud love. I wish I could review them for sound quality... but alas... my mini ear holes never got there...

So I searched... and stumbled upon the headphones that would hold my affection for many years... many miles... and many races...

The Nike Flight headphones. These beauties worked really well. Behind my head, and into my ears- they never slipped, and were undetectable through 26.2 miles. I really did love these babies. So, why did I leave them then? Sound quality. While they stayed nicely in place, the sound quality was less than stellar. Just... ok. Which, for the casual music lover is probably enough. Sadly, however, they are no longer on the market. Not that I've been able to find in the past 6 months (thank you for having a few pairs a few months ago...).

I, however, love music. No really, I LOVE music. I listen to it at least 12 hours a day almost daily. I blip music. I gift it to my friends. I review it for other friends. I think music is the soundtrack of our lives. Without it, my soul would dry up.

Get it? Yeah. That's how much I love it.

So... a few months back, a good friend of mine told me about the new Beats by Dre collection of headphones. He raved on them, and told me to get to Best Buy ASAP to trial them out. Specifically to try out the PowerBeats sports model.

I remember thinking- yeah, sure, ok. They're headphones for working out... really? How good could they possibly be?

They are THAT good. Seriously. The sound quality is phenomenal. But... until this past week, I couldn't tell you how they performed on the road... which really, is the true test of a 'sport' headphone.

I got the over the ear variety (again, little ear holes mean I can't use the in-ear option). White and red (because I like them... they're pretty! And let's be honest... if I'm going to spend $150 on headphones, they damn well better look and perform up to my standards.)

Test run #1... an easy 5 mile run. The music quality was amazing... and even better, the headphones didn't bounce and didn't make that annoying 'thump thump thump' sound that ill fitting headphones can make. I bounced my head. Shook it side to side like an idiot... and no movement. Sweet eargasmic joy- they worked!

But let's be real. I'm a marathon runner. And a successful 5 mile test run isn't really much of a test for me.... luckily, I had a long run scheduled last weekend, and knew I'd have a real chance to test them out.

Test run #2... a hard 18 mile run in the wind. I'll be honest, I expected that with the wind, there would be some movement or ambient sound. But... nothing! The only time they moved for me was when I accidentally caught my hand on the cord, and even then, they only moved a little. This was a hard run for me emotionally, and the sound of the music drowned out my breathing and crying- pretty impressive!

Beyond that... I love the adjustability (I know it's not a word... deal with it) of the PowerBeats. There are multiple 'tips' to customize the snug fit into your ear. The over the ear piece adjusts on rotation and squeezability to ensure a snug fit that's customized to your ears.

So there you have it. For me, the crowning moment was hearing Jam On It by Newcleus around mile 15 of my long run. The sound was so amazing that I felt like I was back in 1986... and half expected to see my baby brother break dancing with some cardboard... hmmm... maybe I can convince him to do that now. :)
4 Responses
  1. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I, too, have trouble finding earbuds that stay in, especially while running... I'll have to check these out!

  2. Glenn Jones Says:

    You know, in my hobby (poker) I see all kinds of people wearing the over ear version of these headphones. They must be good! I've used the Sennheiser LMX70's in the past. They are water resistant, and the way I sweat I need it!

  3. Samantha Says:

    I have the over your ear noise canceling version that I wear in my cubicle office and LOVE them. My cheap running earphones are starting to drive me crazy, so think I'll buy myself an early birthday present. Thanks for the post!

  4. I just saw these at Best Buy today, but they didnt look like the over-the ear kind. These were the buds. I was considering the Adidas CX Sennheiser buds, but undecided. I may have to try these before LA. I better order them soon! Thanks for the awesome review. -Jay