If I had a time machine..

If I had a time machine, I'm missin you,
Cinderella man,
Cinderella man.
Music is my time machine.
- Cinderella Man- Eminem

I try to live with no regrets, and I must admit, I don't always succeed. There is always something I wish I could go back and fix. Do over. Do right. Today I'm feeling the pangs of regret, and I don't much care for the feeling.

What took me so long to start running? Why did I wait until my 30's to take care of myself? Why did I never see that I was worth the effort? And more importantly... do I see that worth now? I guess that remains the question of the day...

Where's the Delorean and Doc Brown when you need them?
3 Responses
  1. yeah if I could just be 20 again.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I'm training for my first marathon and had a horrible run today..well, really the last 2 weeks have been horrible. So I came online to try and find some inspiration, and your blog is doing that! So, not to be a creeper or anything..but it sounds like you're amazing, keep up your awesome work and I'll try to be better!

  3. Be glad you didn't wait until your 40's! ;)