A funny thing happened tonight... as I stood in the shower thinking about running, and my upcoming marathon I felt an immense sense of calm come over me. I had an epiphany. While I really, really want to hit my goal time for this race, what is more important is that I finish strong and healthy.

The new PR would be amazing, I won't lie. But for me... for this journey... finishing another marathon... in the same year as my first marathon... is a HUGE accomplishment.

I'm stronger now. Faster. More confident in my abilities. Crossing the line in San Diego changed me forever. I know now and forever that I *do* have it in me to finish a marathon.

This same sense of calm came over me before San Diego too... it came much closer to my race last time. Somehow, I knew then that I would be just fine in the marathon- and I was.

This race will be a little different. I won't have the same support group I had last time. The course is much tougher than before. My expectations of what I want from myself are higher now. And yet... none of that matters. I know that I will run MY run. And in the end, that's really all I can do. After all, the Tiffany necklace will be the same one whether I finish in 4:59 or 5:15... ;)
3 Responses
  1. Laura Says:

    Great attitude and very well said. I am freaking about my marathon...it is a small one and there is a good possibility I will be dead last...oy...

  2. FruitFly Says:

    You have the perfect attitude! Heck by just running and not aiming for the PR, you might have more fun ... and still get it! PLUS the necklace!

  3. You're going to have an amazing run. You've been training so hard! I need a moment of zen, but maybe that's not possible for a 1st time marathoner!