Muddy Buddy!

Muddy Buddy- Boulder, CO: Boulder Reservoir

What a FUN event. After running 18 miles yesterday, I have to admit, I was VERY nervous about a full out, x-country run WITH obstacles thrown in. I was tired and sore going into this, and my whole goal was to not get my first dead-last finish or worse... a full out DNF. Ugggh!

I met up with some REALLY cool runner girls before the event, and we talked marathons, duathlons, triathlons and running in general. I LOVE runners... no matter what the event, I know I'm amongst friends. :)

Then BANG. We were off for the run. Started at a steep incline, and then held steady to the first obstacle. I'm not sure *what* I imagined the obstacles to be, but oy VEY they were harder than I envisioned.

Now... with these obstacles... keep in mind that ALL of them were x2 since it was a mud run w/o a buddy... that said... first up... a rock climb over a wall with a rope fence on the descent. OUCH. Upper body strength is NOT my forte... let's just leave it at that. :( Hit a decent hill which lasted a while, then a straight uphill climb over rocks and mud. There was NO running this, and I just hoped I didn't slide down and take out the runners behind me... a quick run through a mud pit (brrrrr) and then off to the next obstacle- crawling under a rope fence. My pony tail kept catching, and I was sure I was going to rip the hair off of my head. GOOD times. :) 2 more miles... and then... the balance beam. I'll admit it, I bear crawled over it using two beams because of the sheer terror of falling and taking out a hip... more running, full sun and I wanted to die from the screaming of my quads and hamstrings... I knew though that walking would just prolong the event, so I pushed on. Next up- a rope climb up an inflatable slide. SHEER terror for me since heights make me want to die. I closed my eyes, and just climbed up. The slide down was VERY close to straight down, so rather than go down on my butt, in my *infinite* wisdom, I went down on my belly... and burned my chin, belly button and knees on the slide from the speed of my descent. OW... and then, joy of joys, I got to do it AGAIN (remember, obstacles x2...). Worst part of the race by FAR for me. 2 more miles of up/down hills (the whole race was a series of hills and downhills... by the end, my quads were really hurting...)... and then, the final obstacle- a run THROUGH the shallow end of the reservoir (FUN and refreshing!!). One final evilness of running UPhill in the sand, and finally... the grand finale- the MUD PIT!! Let me start by saying OMFG, that mud was COLD!!! Second... a word of advice- CLOSE YOUR EYES in this one. I didn't. And the world turned brown behind my contact lenses as soon as I went under the first obstacle. OUCH!!! I tried to rub the mud out, but it just made it worse. Ah well! Crawling through the mud was a lot of fun... I liked it SO much more than I thought, but boy oh boy, I was COATED from head to toe in the mud. SEXY!!! Hahahaha... ran blind through the finish and then boom... it was over, just like that. I must have looked like a little kid because I got a kids' medal. Wheeee!!!

Overall, amazing event. I can't WAIT to run another one... only next time... I want to do the true Muddy Buddy. Anyone up to partner up with me? :)
4 Responses
  1. Kerrie T. Says:

    That sounds like so much fun! But you are what my son would call "cwazy!" for doing it a day after your 18-miler!

  2. Laura Says:

    These mud runs sound like fun...I love being totally gross after a run..makes the shower that much better...

  3. Valerie Says:

    Wow, that sounds so fun! I would like to do a Mud Run but I'm a little prissy. I would have to sprint to a shower afterwards because I hate being dirty

  4. Glenn Jones Says:

    Nice! I draw the line though when I have to run with squishy feet. Yucko!