Making an impression...

It always humbles me when I learn that *I* make an impresison on someone. Maybe it's because in my mind, I don't feel all that impressive. I don't know. Whatever it is, whenever a friend says I inspire them, it leaves me feeling humbled.

This week, my friend Runnrgrl profiled me, along with another runner. Actually, several other runners in a series she's doing about runners that inspire her. This woman is incredible- she BQed on her *first* marathon. WOW!

So dear Runnrgrl? You made my week... no, month, by profiling me.

Check out the blog, peeps:
3 Responses
  1. Glenn Jones Says:

    You are not allowed to think that way! Keep in mind - folks like you motivate me becuase what you accomplish you do through your own hard work. I am not nearly as impressed and motivated by people who have tons of natural athletic talent.

    Keep up the great work. And remember - there are tons of folks like me out there who may not comment on every posting - but we're hanging on for motivation!

  2. Jae Says:

    Glenn is spot on! I found you through Runnrgrl's blog and I'm so glad I did. I'm more than half way to my goal of a healthy weight and need to read stories such as yours. I've been overweight all my adult life. I lived in one huge binge, year after year, due to a horrible marriage of 25 years and fear of losing my son (born with spina bifida, wheelchair, the works).

    It encourages me that if I persevere, keep focused, give myself grace when I don't do it perfectly and get up every day training and not binging that I'll be where you are today.

    I love your testamony to the power of one person's determination to change...who has the life I, too, want to have.

    Keep it up....and thank you :)

  3. Laura Says:

    Love your blog and loved the profile. You are IMPRESSIVE...