T-minus 3 months, 5 days!

My AWESOME friend Lisa started this lovely first day of March with a message that said: 3 months, 5 days until your FIRST MARATHON.

Holy crap! Is it really coming up that fast?? Will I really be in San Diego in just over 3 months?? I will be. Oh. My. God. I will be. All of this training will finally be put to the test... all of these long runs, painful legs, exhausted weekends. It will all finally be put to that test!

On to more pressing matters... :D

This weekend, I had my first truly long run in this journey. I did 15 miles of hills in beautiful Colorado Springs... I ran from Palmer Park:

To Garden of the Gods:

And then into Manitou Springs, where I did a small loop and headed back towards downtown... finally finishing up at Memorial Park:

It was an amazing run. I felt strong the entire time- which is saying a lot considering that I had 1999 ft in elevation gain through the course of the run. It wasn't the fastest time (3 hours 3 minutes), but it was solid. I ran 95% of the miles, rewarding myself in the final 3 miles with 90 second walk breaks every mile. I never hit the energy bonk that has become so familiar to me. I sustained it with a bite of sports stuff (sports beans or chomps) every 3 miles. My body settled into a rhythm, and I never let my mind fight it. It was... exactly what I wished for in this run. I felt strong. Fierce. I felt like a runner.

I'll admit it, I was nervous going into it. My quads hadn't recovered yet from the previous week's 13 miler, the week had been filled with bad runs, and mentally I was fatigued. I was questioning whether I had a full marathon in my abilities.

I don't question that today. I might question it again... no, I WILL question it again as the training gets tougher, but for now, I am content to know that I can do this. :)
8 Responses
  1. Shannon Says:

    Those are amazing pictures!

    Great job on the 15 miler! You did awesome! You've got this!

  2. adamm9 Says:

    Awesome pictures, and a great run!

  3. Allie Says:

    So beautiful, my BFF lives in Colorado Springs and I'm going to visit her this summer. Now I know a great place to run, thanks. Of course, I'll probably be gasping for air because of the elevation. :)

  4. ferfischer Says:

    Wow! That is great! You know, because I grew up there - I know exactly where you ran, and it's no exaggeration that you ran all around town! :)

  5. Ms. V. Says:

    GORGEOUS! so proud of you!!! 3 months? you're really counting down??

  6. Glenn Jones Says:

    Ali - EVERYONE (well, almost everyone) has a marathon in them. It's the expectations of the finish that get in the way of completing those dreams.

  7. FabFatties Says:

    After seeing your pictures and realizing that you run up hills I am certain that the marthon in San Diego will be a breeze for you.
    The pictures are really beautiful :)

  8. Arlyne Says:

    Your running route was amazing. You're getting really good training running in altitude, you'll be ready for San Diego!