Better With Help...

I am really lucky to be part of a huge community of runners on Twitter. These guys have helped shape me as a runner- giving encouragement and guidance to make me a better runner. Last year, I was really lucky to meet Josh (aka @speedysasquatch). I have no idea how this awesome guy became part of my Twitterverse, but I am eternally grateful that he did.

JoshSquatch (as I lovingly have nicknamed him) is my running coach now. He has been for the past 8 1/2 months. When I brought Josh on board, I was at the tail end of my physical therapy for my calf. I was terrified to run again, but I was soooooooooooo ready to be back on the trails. I also knew that whatever I did to bring on my calf tear, I didn't want to repeat.

I needed a coach, and Josh was the answer. He picked me up, dusted me off, and convinced me that I could do this, and do this well. When I'd mope, he'd kick my ass. When I excelled, he kept my ego in check. And he has made me a much stronger runner.

Strong enough to best my 1/2 marathon time by 22 minutes despite injury. And strong enough to believe I can run a full marathon this year- and do it well. When I have questions, he answers them. When I am ready for more, he piles it on. And when I need a break, he listens to that too. I get a personalized training plan every week, and I can feel that I am stronger... better.

Over the past months, Josh's team of sasquatch runners has grown impressively. Team Sasquatch is a kick ass collection of amazing athletes. All of us at different levels, but none of us are seen as anything less than athletes. I am fortunate to have all of them there to cheer me on to bigger and bigger accomplishments.

I am a better runner because I know these guys, and especially, Josh are behind me. So Josh? Don't let my current endeavors fool you... I am a better runner because you are my coach. :)
7 Responses
  1. Can you see him blush through all the fur?

  2. Runnrgrrl Says:

    don't sell yourself short Ali. you're a champion. you beam with potential. you fight and persevere and have literally climbed mountains of self-doubt and totally triumphed.

    a really good coach is a fabulous asset (and absolutely no offense to the great squatch)...but truly, your legs carry you, your will supports you. and the reward for all of us is your beaming smile,your laughter and your compelling sense of good humour and warmth that comes through even in the virtual world.

    rock on, ali. cheers for a fab 2010. amaze yourself.

  3. I'm with the Runnrgrrl on this one. As much as I love the accolades and I will always be right there beside you as you continue your journey, this is all you! You have set the plan in motion, do the work, maintain your World, and keep us all amused on Twitter.

    You are a remarkable and wonderful person and I have become a better person and coach over the last 8-1/2 months with your help.

    You rock, Pocahontas!

  4. Nanookie Says:

    Sounds like a pretty awesome team! :)

  5. runluaurun Says:

    What a great runner/coach relationship! Sounds like you both are better for it.

  6. Ms. V. Says:

    Loving this...and he is terrific!!

  7. This is great, I'm so glad you have such an awesome coach. But as other readers said, it takes an awesome athlete with awesome spirit to benefit from a great coach. Keep going and I hope the Injury Gods leave you alone from now on.