Reviews- round 2!

Okay little kiddies, it's time for my oooooooooooh so fabulous product reviews- round two.

HellaSound music... I came across Hellasound on Twitter (see below) and was instantly intrigued. Music and my running have always had an intimate relationship, and I knew that certain songs just made me run faster. After chatting with John (the genius behind the username), I knew I had to try this... and as I got closer to being able to run again, John and I planned for me to 'test' drive the music- from a not-so-newbie, but newbie point of view. "How to Turn Around a Bad Day" comes in multiple BPM formats to match your stride rate. Whaaaaaaaaaat? You don't know what that means? Well, allow me to enlighten you then! BPM is beats per minute... and according to Hellasound's site, most songs come in around 160 BPM- a good middle of the road cadence. Your stride rate is your speed, so to speak. The song is offered in multiple BPM's so that turtles (like me) and speedsters (like most of the rest of you) can all benefit from the music. I've run with regular music, and Hellasound's stuff... and I can honestly say that my running is more focused and evenly paced when I run with Hellasound as opposed to regular music... I don't have the varience that comes with song changes and such. Annnnnnnnnd.... I was fortunate enough to get a preview clip of Hellasound's new Metal song (coming VERY soon)... it's MOST excellent, and it left me wanting more. Hear that, John? MORE. :) So what are you waiting for? Go on! Click the link! You know you want to, and believe me, you SHOULD!

Twitter... yeah, I know... it's not really a running product... but I have to say, the amazing community of runners that I have met there have improved my running a hundred fold. Have a question about form? They are happy to help. Nutrition, shoes, trails... you name it, there is a tweep out there willing to help you out. They are also mucho supportive when you need a shoulder to cry on or an 'ear' to vent to. Not to mention that I met my running coach on Twitter... yeah, I have to say, as a runner (and not just a fat one), I recommend Twitter whole-heartedly. :) (but be careful.... there are lots of porno spammers on there, just waiting for hapless newbies to torment...)

Garmin Forerunner 305... like a heart rate monitor that McGuyver would have gotten wood to own... hahaha. Seriously though... it's a heart rate monitor + GPS system. What does that mean? It means that not only can you track your heart rate and calories, but you can SEE your pace and mileage in real time! In addition, once you upload your workouts, the Garmin will map your run so you can see where you went, and the elevation you gained and/or lost. Nice!! For someone like me- slow, but working to get faster- this is a phenomenal tool to have. Makes my workouts a ton easier- no guess work on pacing myself for slow or fast runs- and no guess work on how much further I have to go. Previously I used a Polar HRM and my Nike+ system... which was okay, but grossly inaccurate. The Garmin has really helped me see where my deficiencies are and allowed my coach and I to properly address them. My only complaint? Size. Wowie... this is one BEAST of a gadget... I'm fairly small (5'2) and this looks a lot like a house-arrest monitor on my little wrist. Ah well, maybe the hoodlums won't bother me if I look tough enough to be on house arrest... hahaha. Best part? With the release of newer models, the price on the 305 has SERIOUSLY dropped in the past few months. So run along, go get one.
And by the way? You're welcome- because trust me, you'll be thanking me for today's recommendations.
4 Responses
  1. tolldoll Says:

    When I started to run seriously 2 months ago, I joined twitter to just have a place to update about my running, and was hoping to find more running friends. But I haven't found many past the usual running promos or shoe distributors. What's your twitter?

    Right about now I'm only using a simple stopwatch for my training. I'm afraid I'm a little too technologically challenged to use anything more than a simple wristwatch.

  2. Ali Says:

    My twitter name is @alitherunner :)

  3. Shannon Says:

    My husband and I both have the 305 and love it! I can't believe I used the Nike+ for so long!

  4. cool blog :) the twitter runner community is pretty darn awesome.

    Running to music can definitely be a revelation. Nice review!