A change is gonna come...

It's been a long, a long time coming. But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will. (A Change is Gonna Come- Sam Cooke)

I've been on this crazy weight loss train for just over 18 months now... and for the most part, I can call myself a 'success' story. For the most part. The thing is though, I've plateaued in a big way in the past 4 months. I've lost and gained back the same 5 lbs over and over again.

I'm still about 40 lbs away from the high end of my goal weight, and while that doesn't seem like much, as a runner, 40 extra lbs is significant. So significant that my coach and I think that is a huge factor in my on-going pain during running. Last night I had a reality check during my 5 mile run. I got 4 miles into the run and couldn't run any further. I was crying, my gait was altered, and I had to call my husband to come and pick me up. Talk about humbling.

We've corrected my gait, corrected my shoes, experimented with hard vs soft surface running, and it all resulted in the same thing:

The one remaining factor that we know is horrible for a runner is my weight. I am classified as an 'Athena', meaning I weigh more than 150 lbs. Enough is enough. I've lost just under 90 lbs in 18 months. Impressive, yes, but I'm not finished, and I've been disciplined as though I was already at my goal.

This blog... this little piece of internet real-estate is my way of keeping myself accountable... it's how I've done it until now, and I know it will work going forward as well. I don't want to turn this into a daily food and activity log (yaaaaaaaawn... boring), but I do want to use it to keep myself on track.

As a woman, I really am not comfortable with sharing my weight, but I think that part of being accountable is doing just that... *gulp* So, today, on August 4th, my official 'starting weight' is 165.4 lbs. Good God, that looks horrible in writing. Which is all the more reason for me to kick my ass into gear and make the changes that I need to make to get to where I want... no, let's be honest- need to be.

I know I'm not alone in this journey... and I have to say, that helps.

A lot.
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  1. Christie Says:

    Hi Ali,

    I think I found your blog through Daily Mile. I think. I don't remember. Anyway, I just wanted to say hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. You will meet your goals! Oh, and that's a great song by the way. I really need to get a best of Sam Cooke album. Or jack my parents for their stuff. I know they have him on vinyl somewhere.

  2. I would like to propose that the extra weight you have is a result of your enormous, gigantic balls--you're an uber-courageous mom, athlete and (as well as I know you) all-around person. Having balls that big is bound to add to your overall weight, no?

    I recently outed my membership to the 8th Ton club on my bloggy blog recently, too. Similar reasons--accountability, etc. My recent PR for the 5k is, I think, as good as I can do as a Super Clydesdale, and it'd be nice to do better.

    Like you, tho, I too suffer silently from a rare condition--mine is called Male Pattern Badass, and I seem to have a chronic, recurring version ;)

    Keep kickin' butt!

  3. runpdx Says:

    A change isn't going to come; change is happening! The best part of any journey might be when the car breaks down on the side of the road (wait for it...) b/c it provides perspective and reminds you have awesome the trip has been thus far and how incredibly great it will feel when you're back on the road.

    Weight, speed, endurance -- three of my ongoing battles. I tell people all the time I need to lose 10 more pounds -- they think I'm an idiot until I tell them to try running 25.2 miles with a 10 lb weight strapped to them. Perspective; it not all vanity (ok, maybe a little!).

    You are definitely not alone on your journey. I feel priviledged to count myself as one of the many, many members of your virtual cheering committee and ass-kicking team. So while your ADD head considers all of the different facets that comprise a day; don't forget to include yourself in there. YOU have to be the loudest cheerleader of them all. You have done it; you will continue to do it. Of this I have no question in my mind.

    "When there's nowhere else to run
    Is there room for one more son
    One more son
    If you can hold on
    If you can hold on, hold on"

  4. Great blog..thanks for sharing all of this. I am 205 today...and started running (yeah...well...erm...slowly slowly jogging) in April when I weighed about 240. I'm 5'11...so it is spread around...but still a pain to haul. The other day at the gym I saw a guy in a weighted vest running...and I cracked up......Hey, I thought...I have my own weighted vest built right in to my BUTT! How convenient. The cool thing about being heavy...is more calories burned. *yeah...so, that is the ONLY cool thing...which is why I'm working on it) Oh, and I just read that for each pound someone loses...they take 1 second off their mile time! I still have 40+ pounds to go.....that is FORTY SECONDS off my mile time right there. Whoot! :) I did my first 2 miles in 22 minutes today...40 seconds would get me pretty darn close to a 10 minute mile. I'd like that! :)