Time crunch

Runners have an obsession with time. Ask most runners about time, and you'll get a response about PR's, average paces, or something along those lines. I have to admit, I'm like that too... but time has another meaning for me.

My life is hectic. No, really, I mean it is very, very hectic. On a typical day, I work 9 hours, one of my kids has either practice or therapy of some kind for 2 hours, there's dinner and chores, homework and 'down' time. I'm usually up 16 hours a day, give or take a little. Some days, I am absolutely amazed that I found time to workout.

My mileage is on the upswing... more mileage means more time needed to run. A 4 mile run takes me about 48 minutes or so... add in warm up time + plyos/stretching then cooling down + stretching and core work and that 48 minute run can easily take me an hour and a half. In order to make it to work by 8 am, this means that I have to be up around 4:30 or so to run and stuff, then get myself & the kids ready for the day. Whew. It is really any wonder that I'm exhausted by 9 pm most nights?

On Monday I ran 5 miles... I left the house at 5:30... and wasn't back until 7:15... I literally came to work with wet hair. I felt bad... for about half a second... then I realized, who cares, really? I'd rather have au naturale curly hair and a healthy body, than to take that time to primp. Running wins out over straight hair and a face full of makeup any day.

It's a trade off, I know. But one I make willingly... because in a time crunch (which defines my life), my health will always come first. I need running like fish need water... it's essential to my being. I wonder though... at some point in my mileage, will I choose differently? Hmmm... I guess we'll have to see, eh?
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  1. CewTwo Says:

    Everyone needs to spend their time doing something. It seems to me that you are in the middle of an investment period. Investing in your health, the kid's future, to making the family strong.
    Sounds to me like you are investing in everyone's future!
    Good job!