Get fit quick schemes

I have a serious vent. Why is it that when someone loses a significant amount of weight, everyone automatically assumes it was surgical, or the result of some magic Hoodia pill? And when given the truth, they want to know which 'miracle machine' was used?

PEOPLE!! Enough already! There is NO such thing as a get-fit-quick solution. You can spend $500 on whatever the hell that porno-horse-abdominator thing is, and you will STILL not find yourself fit in 10 minutes or less per week.

Fitness is a lifelong endeavor- sorry, I know it's not what most people want to hear, but it's true. There is no magic pill. No fancy machine. No wishing on a star to get yourself from fat to fit. Only hard work, discipline, and pushing on and on and on will get you there.

Yes, you can get your stomach stapled in half. Yes, you can take some butt-leakage inducing pill to help you. But, at the end of the day, the only thing that will help you lose weight and get fit is YOU. You're the one who controls what you shove in your mouth. You're the one who can make the desicion to move. You're the one who has to stick to it.

You can hate it all you want, but really, the doctors are right. To lose weight, calories in have to be less than calories burned. Funny how THAT really does work.
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  1. CewTwo Says:

    My hopes are now officially dashed and broken!
    I hope that there is a Get-happy-quick scheme now...
    I am searching...
    There seems to be a Horse-abdominator-workout type thing that can get you happier in less than 10 minutes a week! (of course, it involves laughing a lot at the way it looks...

  2. Hard work over a long period of time?

    I'm out....

  3. Michelle Says:

    porno-horse-abdominator thing usually ends up as a clothes hanger anyway!!

    Awesome post my friend and how right are you!!!'s daunting. But I wouldn't trade running for anything in the world!!!

  4. Gina Harris Says:

    That is SO true. I get tired of people telling me to eat more & run less when they are the ones who follow all the fad diets and are STILL overweight. I say, "Leave me alone!" lol

    Nice blog.

  5. As someone who has lost a significant amount of weight, I totally can identify with this post. People always ask how I did it..I say I started eating less and started running. They just say oh, is that is. Yes. Did you follow a diet plan. no. exercise plan. no. I just exercised more and ate less. They don't get it.