Not lazy, not lazy, not lazy...

Today is a scheduled rest day for me. I have to admit, I was really not looking forward to it... more accurate would be to say that I was absolutely dreading it. This week's runs and cross training have all felt incredible. I feel better (and stronger) than I have felt in months, and rest right in the middle of all of that seemed... well, wrong!

But on a very real level, rest is essential to any training program.

One reason why rest days are so important to runners is they allow the
runner to not only recover but also improve. It is important to realize rest
days are when improvements are actually made as opposed to during the days when
the runner is training. This is because the training process breaks down the
muscle fibers while the rest days allow the muscles to have time to repair and
strengthen. When this happens speed, endurance and strength are all

Okay, okay. I get it. It's important. Still, rest is a concept that's very hard for my mind to get on board with. It feels lazy to me, even if the logical part of my brain knows it's not. As a former fatty, lazy is truly a vile word. I'd do ANYTHING to not be lazy, ever ever again.

My running coach tells me that it's vital though- especially as I re-enter running. He said the one magic word that is my kryptonite: reinjury (shudder).

So I'm being a good girl. I slept in (well, for ME it felt late). Got up and did yoga. Stretched. Took a long hot shower (luxurious!). Had breakfast with my daughter. Ambled into work early. And reviewed my workout for tomorrow.

Hey, just because I'm resting today doesn't mean I can't fantasize about my next physical push, right? ;)
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  1. Ms. V. Says:

    I wish this was a rest day. Bah.