The long road back

Driving back to work from lunch today I had a sudden realization... when I start running again in a few weeks it will be my first *real* running since the half in January. I'm not kidding when I say that my stomach dropped when the thought occurred to me. Just under 6 months of no running. Dear God.

That isn't a short break by any stretch of the imagination. That's starting again. Back at one.

The thought is horribly humbling. Mentally, a five miler is just another run... physically though I'm looking at doing Couch to 5k again. Again. It's been well over a year since the first time I finished that program and I never thought I'd have to revisit it.

Ugggh. This whole thing has me very upset. I've been so excited at just being able to run again that I never really allowed myself to consider the mechanics of starting again. Hell, I never really thought of it *as* starting again.


I suppose it all takes baby steps. I guess I had just hoped that I was beyond that... oh, I want to cry. How can something that makes me so happy, make me so sad all at the same time.
2 Responses
  1. Andrew Says:

    I've been thinking about it, and its not really like youll be starting over because of how much cardio youve been doing. the only difference is the (god I hate saying this word but) all the 'pounding'.

    youve been putting in huge workouts on the ellip, which has kept your leg muscles and your cardio level up there. most of what causes people to have to start over is that they have let their cardio level go.... thats one of the most difficult things to get back. your doing more on those than I can.. they are much harder workouts than similar time spent running.

    Ali, your going to do just fine when you get back. I bet your going to surprise yourself bigtime. just take it slow and enjoy it.

    the other nice thing is, after a injury, your body builds that area back stronger. next time this injury probably wont come back. think positive!!

  2. Gina Harris Says:

    I had to take time off last summer due to a stress fracture. You'll be surprised at how fast you will come back running. Keep your chin up!