It's better when it's not just about me...

I noticed something this morning. I get MUCH more excited about a race/event when it actually benefits something. Last night I committed to friends/family that I would do the 150 mile Bike MS ride in June. It's a two day ride with all proceeds benefitting the MS Society.

It's a huge endeavor for me. I'm used to pushing myself when running... but pushing beyond my limits on a bike is still fairly new to me. I thought I'd be scared, instead I find myself really excited and ready to meet the challenge head on.

MS is something that hits close to home for me. Not one, but two family members have it- one as young as I am. Scary stuff. Just like I was/am passionate about the Race for the Cure (with breast cancer hitting my mom twice), I find myself passionate about helping the people I love with MS as well.

I have a link to my donations page up on my sidebar. If you can, I'd love it. If you can't, hype up the cause. You never know when it will hit you or someone you love.

150 miles. 2 days. Wow. Go big, or go home, right?
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