Late night eating and stuff

So... I'm having a conversation on Twitter with some buddies (@robgokeemusic, @alliecine) about eating. Specifically, eating late. I have a strict rule about eating after 7 pm... I don't. That's the rule.

Before I lost the weight, I ate wontonly... when and what I wanted. BIG (ha ha, no pun intended) part of the problem. So I had to grow some discipline, and grow it ferociously.

Do I get hungry at night? Well, YEAH. I'm an insomniac- I usually don't fall asleep until well after midnight most days. But I live with a terror that I will wake up one day and see the fat me in the mirror again... and THAT, my friends, is the motivation that keeps me running, biking, and watching my eating 'rules'.

Anyone game for an afternoon snack? My treat- fruit & cottage cheese! :)
2 Responses
  1. Runnrgrrl Says:

    k, you're on! strawberries?

    love the blog. i get hungry at night too. hard to sleep with a rumbling tummy sometimes but worth it in the long run! (hahaha no pun intended but i laughed anyway).

  2. Runnrgrrl Says:

    ok, i'm on for some strawberries.

    its tough to not eat at night when' you're up so late, but worth sticking to in the long run (hahaha, get it?)

    great job staying motivating! will think of you for support when i get the late night chip craving!