If the shoe fits... (just a vent)

Okay, so maybe not shoes *exactly*, but clothes. I've noticed that as I've toned up more, my workout (and regular) clothing is more form fitted. And as I'm more aware of my clothes, naturally I have been looking around at what other people are sporting. And try though I might (yes, I actually am trying) to be nice, my mind really has the most uncharitable thoughts.

Wearing shirts 3 sizes too big is not flattering. There. I said it. You might as well borrow that girl's tent dress and call it good. Believe me, I get the desire to hide your belly. I really and truly do- even now I can't seem to shake the post-baby jiggles. Whee. But supersized clothing really only draws attention to that problem area. Now, I'm not saying we all need to run out and buy lycra and snug tee shirts. Not at all. But the triple big shirt is unnecessary and not attractive.

Whew. That felt good. And now back to our regularly scheduled program. :)
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  1. cyberpenguin Says:

    Agreed. The 3 F's of fashion -- fit, function, & flattery are where it's at! The best fit is neither too tight or too loose, but rather tailored to show off one's best attributes.

    Good for you for feeling great about how your bod looks in your clothes! Body consciousness is a good thing. We all have areas we'd like to improve upon, but the important thing is that you are using your own body consciousness to help you look & feel your best.