Being sore reminds me I'm alive

This week I decided to kick my workouts up a notch... I had gotten a bit complacent, and they were not really challenging me anymore. So I increased my intensity and frequency... and lo and behold I can FEEL the effect.

To say my legs are sore would be an understatement. It feels like a sumo wrestler used my poor hamstrings as a trampoline... and my calves (yes, plural, calves) are singing like a wino at closing time.

There was a time in my life when I would have bitched and moaned about the aching in my legs. When I would have wondered if it was worth it. Oh, it's worth it. Every sore fiber in my legs reminds me that not only am I alive, but I'm healthy enough to push my own limits. And, hell, let's be honest, getting hotter is only an ego boost... and I'm not above admitting that I tend to be a bit... ah... vain. ;)

Off to rustle up some ibuprofen and an inconspicuous place to stretch...
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  1. Atrusni Says:

    Hey great blog!! We need that push every once in a while on our training!! It gets funny when what you believe right now is hard, it will become easy to do in a couple of months!!