Woo from running!

I have to give much woo woo points right now to a major benefit of running- a strong immune system.

Last night I was sure I was coming down with the plague. Okay, maybe not the plague... maybe a more minor pox or something equally evil. Aching, exhausted, ear & throat pain, headache. Please God, kill me kind of sickliness. I'm a horrible insomniac, but I found myself asleep at 8:30 last night, sure I'd wake up today unable to function.

Nope. The running gods intervened once more, and I felt 100% when I popped (yes, popped) out of bed at 4:45 for spinning class. Wow! I can distinctly remember as a mega-chubby girl how even the slightest illness knocked me on my ass for days/weeks at a time. Since running, I haven't been ill more than 12 hours at a stretch.

So, one more bonus point for running... I'll raise my cup of OJ to that one. :)
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