Long time no see!

So much has happened since my last post... first, I am a HALF MARATHONER!!!!!

Sept: tore my left calf running the race for the cure. Sidelined for 8 weeks. YUCK! Discovered that I LOVE spinning/cycling in the rehab process. Yay for that!

December: resumed training for the 1/2 marathon in January. Pushed my mileage up quickly... and was running 15-18 miles 2x a week within 10 days. Yay.

January: flew out to Phoenix to do the Rock and Roll 1/2. What an amazing experience. Truly. To go from 250 lbs, to running a 1/2 in almost exactly a year is an amazing feat. And I finished... with a God-awful time of 3h5m. Let me be fair to myself... I tore my right calf in mile 12... but could see the glory of the finish line, so I sprinted to the end. Sprint. Ha. But I finished, head held high.

March: running again! Did a 1.5 hour run on 3/6... and while I got amazingly sore, I pushed through it. My (very hot) PT cleared me today to do a gentle St. Patty's Day 5K this weekend!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

What's next? Planning a half century bike ride in May, a triathlon and another 1/2 in June.

Am I still a fat runner? Yes. By running standards, for sure. But losing 85 lbs is nothing to sniff at. So while I'm not *there* yet... I run on... chug, chug, chug. :)

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