Today is a sad day at the fat runner's house... and if you listen closely, you can hear the faint sound of Taps playing in the background... that's right, dear friends, my faithful Brooks have died. A slow, painful and noble death, but a death nonetheless.

So, for Mother's Day, I wanted some new running shoes. Off we went to the Boulder Running Company for a proper fitting and a gait analysis. Do you hear the echos of the laughter? Yeah, it turns out that the shoes I've been wearing (and silently cursing) since the beginning of the year were completely WRONG for me. I under-pronate (or over suppinate) in a bad way. My old shoes were completely worn out on the outer edges, but nearly new on the inside. Travesty.

After running (being filmed... shudder...) for the better part of 20 minutes in various shoes, we decided that the Mizuno Wave Alchemy was the right shoe for me.

I'm rather excited to see how my run tomorrow morning feels. The in-store Dreadmill run felt really good. My knees didn't hurt... my heels felt good. I could hear the harps from the heavens, and the light of God was shining on the shoes ever so brightly. Okay, so maybe now I'm exaggerating a bit... but they do feel good! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow feels as good.
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