The fat runner reflects on the first race

Well, dear friends, race one is oficially part of the record books, and while I broke, um, NO records, I did finish the race, which is more than I could have done 3 months ago (being a couch potato limits that ability).

Naturally, I do have some things to share about the race...

As we were driving around looking for parking, I saw runners warming up everywhere... and I'll be honest, I came >this< close to chickening out... I actually told my husband 'my GOD, these real runners are going to laugh me out of the race'. Being told by a grouchy ex-football player that you ARE a real runner kind of quiets you down quickly.

The amazing thing to me was how MANY people I knew at the race... social workers from the hospital, nurses, old coworkers, neighbors. It's amazing how many people in my life run, and I was unaware!

At the starting line, I saw the 'elites' at the front of the line... nope, I thought, still not far enough back... oh wait- that lady looks like she could grace the cover of a magazine... stil not far enough back. Oooh, lady with a walker and two limping runners- I think I've found my place!

Seriously though... the people were so incredibly nice. I paced myself with a guy who, though older, has been running his whole life. He kept cheering me on, and it was really cool to have that.

And even though I was terrified of the elite runners, once they were done, many of them lined the end of the course to cheer the rest of us on... and I never felt more like a runner than at that moment. :)

Did I wiggle? Yes. Did it hurt? God, yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. A million times over. Because even though I am still a fat runner, I really believe now that I *am* a runner... and the race yesterday was the first in a lifetime of many more to come.

Distance: 3.12 miles
Time: 38.40 minutes
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  1. Greg Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you!

    Way to stay commited to your goal and stick to it even when you had doubts!